Wednesday, August 02, 2006

No, I didn't flake out

EDIT: I wrote this on Monday. I have been without service since Sunday night. Arrrggghhh!!!! Comcast came today and figured out that the outside cable was damaged. Not totally sure how, but damaged. Five minute job. Just happy that it is all fixed and here we are back online!

I have no idea why my Internet service is down. And due to the fact I didn’t blog over the weekend, I am feeling a wee bit out of touch. I finished the top secret project, wove in the ends and am having a friend of mine who sews do her part. Then I have to do a tiny bit more finishing and the gifting will occur Saturday morning. We’re going to VA on Thursday, but I will just have to blog from there so I can finally show you my most ambitious project thus far.

I’m moving right along with more dishcloths and am getting ready to pick DH’s sweater back up. That and the Socks that Rock. Suffered a near tragedy with them over the weekend. My size 0 needle came out of the heel. I haven’t put the stitches back on, but I am dreading it. Such a pain to get something that small back on the needle. And yet, I don’t use a lifeline. Something must really be the matter with me that I feel so optimistic to think that this won’t happen. And naturally, I didn’t have point protectors on to keep the damn stitches from slipping off. Nah, that would have been the “easy” way out.


Holly in CT said...

Glad to hear that I am not the only one who failed to use a sock lifeline. I have been trying to make the Jaywalker Socks. Trying is the operative word because the first try would have fit the Jolly Green Giant or Big Foot (I tried this version toe up. I also did not like the toe up heel. Frogged that and tried it cuff down. I was making great progress until I dropped a stitch last night. Could not find the frigging stitch to save my life. Back to the frog pond again. BEFORE I tried to make the Jaywalker socks with this yarn (Opal Rainforest) I tired the toe up with a lace pattern on Knitty. It must be the heat because I could not wrap my mind around the lace repeat. The question of the day is how many times can you frog yarn without destroying it (or losing one's mind in the process)?

handknitbyafailedfeminist said...

I barely have a life line for my actual life let alone my knitting life. I only think about doing it after I have totally screwed something up