Sunday, August 13, 2006

Magic Wings

We took the kids up to Magic Wings and Yankee Candle yesterday. I hesitate to say out loud that I had never been to Yankee Candle as it seems to be some sort of sin in this part of the world. So, while I'm at it, I'll go even farther to say, they aren't even my favorite candle (oh, the horror). We saw some of the most amazing butterflies. I had at least four of them land on me as you can see by the fab pic. This one actually did not want to get off of me. At least it was in a better spot than the one who landed on a guy's lip and was there for at least 10 minutes. Talk about tickly.

Sugar bear was a little miffed that none landed on her, but it's not like you are allowed to reach out and touch them (thank goodness) to get them on you. I'm starting to have concerns that my children are in desperate need of more time at the farm. They both tried their hands at milking these art cows. Sugar Bear actually said, "look, it's a girl, we can milk her!"

And, I need to gather my thoughts to post about WEBS, the largest knitting store I have ever been to which actually frightened me silent. Yarn is my friend, yarn is my friend, yarn is my friend.

And here are just a few more lovely butterfly shots for your enjoyment (from top to bottom (I think), the Malachite, the Cairns Birdwing, and the Indian Leaf (which really does look like a leaf when it is closed up).

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