Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dishcloths oh my!

So here's the post about the vacay knitting, it's not exciting like the bag, but it's finished. I ended up giving the dishcloth to my grandmother to try out and the Mason-Dixon ball band dishcloth became a hand towel by doubling it in size. Of course, now everyone wants one. Sounds like the beginning of Christmas present knitting to me . . . I did work on the One Skein scarf also, but I have no pic to show yet.

I've had a little problem on my hands. Mimi got bit by something while we were at the lake. Think it was probably a tick but not totally sure. It has gotten worse as the week wore on, and now it's pretty damn bad as these pics will show you. We've been to the doctor, she's on an antibiotic, but I am still not sold on the fact that it's lyme disease. If it grows in size (we finally drew a ring around it tonight at the on call doc's suggestion), we'll know more. She's got a high fever and all the flu-like symptoms so it may very well be that it is lyme disease, but when you look at a lot of the spider pics online, it looks more like that to me. It really is a bummer because she is so utterly miserable and it takes a lot for Mimi to be out. She fell asleep tonight at dinner (at Friendly's; sorry we didn't see you Cindy) in front of a plate of mac n cheese. I don't think I have mentioned this before, but Mimi asks for Mac from the time she wakes up every morning.Obviously, she is sick when she doesn't take even a bite! And she didn't want ice cream. Seriously??

So hold some good thoughts that by tomorrow she is much better, cause it's really starting to freak me out.


J. Denae said...

Hang in there - I'm sure the medicine will help soon. My brother was bit by a spider earlier this summer - it looked a little like that, just with more bruising. He had to get two or three rounds of antibiotics before it healed and then suddenly it healed all at once.

aija said...

Oh goodness, I'm sending well wishes wvibes you way. How scary!!

Holly in CT said...

Poor Baby, it looks painful! Hopefully it is not Lyme but just a spider bite. Good vibes to all of you, being sick in the summer (esp with a fever) is no fun.

april said...

Oh my-
Poor mimi.
Please keep us updated,
I will be thinking of you.

hugs- april

drkristie said...

Looks just like a lyme's dz tick bite = bull's eye lesion. Textbook. Spider bites tend to necrose, and the skin breaks down. Just keep her on the antibiotics and limit her activities a bit, so she doesn't get too tired. Prompt treatment - like you're doing - will prevent the long term problems from lyme dz.
Good luck,