Saturday, August 19, 2006

Yeti knitting

I am starting to have concerns that the dress I am making for Callista may not fit her until she goes to college. I "got gauge" prior to knitting it, but I swear I am off by at least an inch or more. I think the arm holes are going to be enormous. This is the back that I finished the other night. I am already onto the front. I beaded the bottom, and will show you a close-up of that soon. I'm going to bead the front bottom (obviously) and I think part of the pink top. Is it me or do the Berocco patterns make work you don't need sometimes?

Case in point, this dress. I've changed colors and added beads so that's on me. But they want me to crochet the shoulder straps which I find unnecessary. Like this poncho pattern I had from them a couple of years ago. Instead of knitting it in the round, it was a knit it flat, piece it together kind of thing. I'm starting to look at their patterns more like inspiration (when they aren't hideous) rather than something I can use straight out.


Robin's Donna said...

Stop and remeasure your gauge -- the sweater I am knitting at the moment had to be frogged because I didn't listen to the little voice in my head that said it was too big. I had gauge dead on when I started but the final sweater would have fit me and at least one other person at the same time. LOL.

Holly in CT said...

Ditto on the gauge remeasuring. I knit on and on and on a sweater a little voice was telling me was going to be WAY to big. Me remeasure??, nope, nope did it once it's good enough. When the sweater weighed about 10 pounds and I began to think about the difficulty in wearing the monster I remeasured gauge and the sweater went into the frog pond probably for good.