Monday, August 28, 2006

More great news from Astrid

I've mentioned Astrid of Astrid's Dutch Obsessions before. This site should be bookmarked in your cache and you should definitely sign up for the newsletter as she seems to almost constantly be having a sale, on top of prices that are already great. And, don't forget, she sends dutch chocolate which rocks.

Right now, she is doing free shipping on all Addi's worldwide (and she ships fast and the Addi's are cheap). Plus, the bamboo Addi circular's are 25% off. And she's doing some buy Gedifra get a slightly damaged pattern book free deal.

Very cool!


aija said...

Oh man, I forgot she's the store with the dk weight trekking xxl 100...

must.stay.away... :) (thanks for the tip!!)

Sharon said...

Oh dear another place to spend money, hide the credit card!!

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi and in answer to your question on my blog, the dishcloth is garterlac and can be found here

Esther said...

Thanks for posting to my map! Love your blog - linking it to mine today for sure :-)