Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Aren't we all sick of it?

I know I promised a knitting post today with vacay knitting, but with all the comments coming our way about the Connecticut primary, you know me, I can't keep my mouth shut.

And I quote Mr. Lieberman, who says he is "going forward because [he's] fed up with all the partisanship in Washington that stops us from getting anything done."

And how sick of that was he before the Democrats in CT said enough is enough? Cause I don't remember hearing about putting partisanship aside at all in the last five years. In fact, I should say four-and-a-half years ago, when 9-11 occurred, that was the last time anyone even thought about putting partisanship aside. And if putting partisanship aside means a rubber stamp for Georgie boy, then I guess I will be even more partisan (if it's possible) than I have previously.

Lamont is a "partisan polarizer?" He's running on the Democratic ticket people, if he's not partisan, he too would not have received the nomination and support of the party. I'm not even sure I like Lamont that much, but I feel betrayed by Joe. I think we all feel betrayed by Joe. Chris Matthews talked of anecdotal evidence last night, based on the stories people were telling him of how, "out of touch" Joe has become with his constituents. Dance with the boy that brung ya Joe...the Democrats don't want you, pick up your ego, and whatever dignity you can salvage at this point, and go spend some time with the grandchildren.

Oh, and regarding the utter nonsense that bloggers crashed his site. I can't speak to the truth or lack thereof of that accusation, but according to the Daily Kos, the Lieberman campaign had their site up for $15/month on a server with over 70 other sites. Can you hear the duh where you are sitting?

The sad part about this is, if Joe hadn't completely lost touch with the party he would still be the Dem nominee. He'd probably be able to affect more change for the better. But, no . . . and now we have three candidates.

Anybody actually know the name of the Republican candidate?

And one more thing, Joe, polarizer is not a recognized word.

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handknitbyafailedfeminist said...

He has been described as politically tone deaf. I especially like the way he refers to the senate seat as his seat. Hmmm, I didn't know he owned it.