Monday, August 07, 2006

Democratic Primary

Even though I am on vacay with the fam, I am still thinking of all of you.

Sappiness aside, if you are a registered democrat, get yer arse to the primary tomorrow. I am openly endorsing Ned Lamont (albeit late) for several reasons. One, you've got to love those quirky television ads. I think the dork factor is really working for him.

Two, are you kidding me Mr. Lieberman? I'm pretty sure you were part of the presidential election where the vote was so close because Ralph Nader helped to split the democratic party vote. Remember that? Remember how the Democrats lost control of the White House? Yes, potentially we could lose a deomcratic senate seat because of your ego, because if you lose tomorrow you are unwilling to back down and support whomever the party chooses. Drop the ego Joey boy, it really doesn't work for you.

Three, the fact that two of my Republican (ahem) friends/family think supporting him is a good idea. That in and of itself has been a kicker for me.

Four, Lieberman is counting on losing this election. Love that negativity. Why else would he have canceled his get out the vote efforts (I know this for a fact)? Why else are we not able to get an honest answer about petition efforts?

And finally, if Lamont can handle Colbert, what can't he handle?


april said...

Lamonts the man! I've already been called three times tonight reminding me to vote.
Lamonts camp: an actual person and Liebs camp: a recording of Joe.(the third from Nancy Johnson's camp??) that all my vote is worth? A pre-recorded message?
May the best man win and the loser gracefully support the party vote.
Come on Joe, take it like a man!

Debby said...

Way to go Democrats in Conn. you got rid of the whiner.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Ned! Now that Joe has lost he must be convinced to take his toys and go home like a good Democrat. Time to retire with some shred of dignity dude!