Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My latest adventure in knitting stupidity

So, I am signing up for Sock Wars. No really, I have lost my mind. Don't know what the sock wars are , well, here is the link. (Holly, don't hurt yourself when you sign up for this, I think you will make an excellent assassin)

The gist of the deal is this. Once you sign up, they send you the name of someone you have to "assassinate" by sending them a finished pair of socks before the person who has you sends you a finished pair of socks. If you are successful, they are dead and they then send you, their partially finished socks and the name of their person whom you are now trying to kill. This all makes at least a little more sense on the sock monkey site.

I say that I have lost my mind because if you have been following along like good friends, you realize that I have not finished my socks from my first shipment of Blue Moon Rockin Sock Club. Um, yeah. Not like I can't whip out a pair of socks (especially now that the beaded bag is finished and I am halfway through my one-skein project), but I bet whoever is out to "kill" me will knit faster and I'll get some pattern I have a hard time with. At least I'll be getting some custom socks out of it, right? As soon as I get confirmation, I'll put up the Sock Wars button so you can all play along with me.

And pics tomorrow from vacay and some finished knitting (not nearly as exciting as said beaded bag).

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Holly in CT said...

This is a great contest! If you lose you get a pair of handknit socks (how could that possibly be bad?). If you win you get partially knit socks to complete. Note that the winner (I presume) isn't required to buy the yarn for any pair other than the first. Since I am currently knitting socks for Leigh in yarn she bought this sounds like a win win situation. I'm definately in on this one! Ninja knitter!