Monday, August 14, 2006

One Skein Pal Bounty

I meant to post this sooner, and go thrown off track. When I arrived home on Saturday from our grand Massachusetts Adventure, this fabulous package was waiting for me from my Secret Pal. She's a lovely I tell ya! I'm thrilled she sends me seeds. Just helping the old garden grow. And this yarn is really quite interesting textually and visually. Working on ideas for what I will do with it. Just dandy colors I think.

So, thanks again Pal (and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who is so late, my pal must think she has a dud!)

My One Skein Pal project is just about finished, so I'll post it hopefully tomorrow. It would have been finished already except for the fact that last night I figured out that I had dropped a stitch somewhere. Why are they always such a pain in the butt to find. I actually know vaguely where it is. It's about five rows back. So, I am almost finished backing out of that and then it's about 15 more rows until the end. I have got to get it mailed out before Saturday because we are going to VT on Sunday (near Ben & Jerry's). Hey, suggestions welcome for any fab yarn stores up there!

Update on Mimi: She is really on the mend. As the doc who commented mentioned, she is going to be tired for quite a while. We're keeping her low key for this week so that we can keep an eye on her. She seems better otherwise and the attitude isn't quite as bad as it was. Just have to get her in gear because her first day of school ever is 9/5 and I can't get her there fast enough :) Thanks to all of you who sent encouraging comments and notes. This is her second major illness this year (after pneumonia in March) so we have to be extra vigilant.


jaqic said...

You are so lucky you have a great secret pal. My secret pal never ended up sending me anything at all. She sent a couple of emails bul alas no packages :(. I am one of those people that need a secret pal Angel. I too am working on my gift for my secret pal and of course it will be a little late.

Mindy said...

What a great secret pal!