Sunday, September 24, 2006

The sock

I've been working on this [expletive withheld] sock all day today. I have a cold and some other medical crap going on and my heart isn't in it. Except that I can't shake the feeling that the person who has to assassinate me, is hastily knitting her sock. I just screwed up the heel so I ripped out and I am getting ready to re-do. My goal is to get at least halfway done with the foot before I have to give up and go to bed. I can see that absolutely nothing will be getting done at my house for the next two days.


Mindy said...

I still haven't received a dossier, but the person I am assasinating was kind enough to email me her address. She was mean ;) enough to tell me she has her socks done. I have one mostly completed sock, I didn't have the size until today (Monday).

Holly in CT said...

I have not received my dossier yet either. I do know who I have to kill. She was kind enough to send me her snail mail address. I also know she has not made any progress on her socks because her target is already done with her socks and she seems resigned to doom. Which means my next kill will be really hard. This pattern is killing my thumb for some reason (well maybe knitting this much this fast has something to do with the pain ;)