Monday, September 25, 2006

Death wish

I am on my third try of this [many, many expletives withheld] International Sock of Doom. You would think I just learned how to knit because clearly I have problems.

Okay, so I kind of ignored the DK weight part not once but twice. Though, in my defense the second time, the gauge was accurate and the yarn a bit thicker. But after watching Linda knitting hers today (Damn you for making me want to start over a third time), I realized, that I will at least have to be a gracious loser, so that when I am certainly killed first, based on my utter lack of ability to get this {more expletives withheld] pair completed, I will at least have something semi in progress to send to my assassin.

I met my yarn pusher at a restaurant (yes, Linda again) and she gave me two skeins of DK she had laying around (the same DK she is using for her sock) and then I headed off to Michaels because that was the only local place selling needles that was still open at 7:45 (as I raced around to be home in time to knit to Prison Break). And would you believe, Michael's doesn't stock circulars in a size smaller than 6 in any brand. This makes me hate the chunky eyelash scarf phase even more (and, yes, I too made some of those fugs) because I know damn well that is why they don't have smaller needles. So, I bought the sixes, I didn't do any kind of gauge swatch and I am off on yes, my third try of the first sock. The good news is that I found the errata in the pattern all by myself earlier today and fixed it accordingly. Damn that heel!

What was I thinking getting into this competition? And if by some chance in hell I manage to assassinate geeyouknit before I get killed, I'm screwed for next week because I have to have surgery on Thursday to have a soft tissue tumor (benign people) removed off of my shoulder. No, it couldn't be in my calf or somewhere more convenient to my knitting schedule. That would have been way too easy.

Seriously, what am I doing at this computer? I have to go knit that [so many expletives you can't even imagine] sock right now!!!!


Mindy said...

Think positive. At least you won't be close to the first one killed. She was killed Saturday night, hand delivery.

My goal is just to make it to kill one person. I don't know if I will make it.

Holly in CT said...

mindy is right, think positive! My assassin's assassin contacted me to see if I had been able to get in touch with her (I had not reached her yet). My assassin will shortly get her socks so it looks like I am off the hook for the moment (in other words I busted my as* all weekend for nothing). I still can't figure out how you are assigned your second target? Do you think we have to mail out needles with the unfinished socks if we are killed? I'd hate to part with my Addi's.

geeyouknit said...

Thanks for revealing yourself! I have a feeling you'll hit me before my target's socks get back to the states. God damn England being so far away...