Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Not a Yeti after all

I finished it in time for the first day of school. Sugar Bear was so excited this morning when she woke to a completed dress. I found adorable pansy buttons yesterday at Jo-Ann's and I finished sewing up the seams, sewing on the buttons, and pressing it last night before I went to bed. Originally the dress was supposed to be all purple. And no beads at the bottom but ribbons slip-stitched in place. And the straps were supposed to be crochet which I don't really do. And there were not any buttons. So, I redesigned a wee bit :) Just glad I finished because I have got to move onto some other stuff!

Also, I include this picture of Mimi because, frankly, she's just too damn cute. Today was her very first day of school ever! Even though she only went in for about 15 minutes to meet and greet with the teachers. Tomorrow, she gets to stay for a whole hour which means coffee and knitting for me! Woo-hoo!!

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Mindy said...

The dress is gorgeous!

How did the first day go?