Friday, September 22, 2006

Cupido yarn

My mom was in Rome, this week and last week. I'm not sure if she was able to go on the mohair quest today for the stash I wanted, but last week, she brought me the most amazing yarn. Cupido brand, I haven't seen it in the states, but it is just lovely. The deal was with this yarn, you had to buy 10 balls. And I think the balls came out to $5.70/ball. Way cheap if you ask me. So, the other flight attendant with her who knits took 5 of each color and I got five of each color and here is the passion! I showed the yarn to Jodi and she said it was from the same mill as another brand, but of course, now I can't remember which brand it was. I do know, however, that it was twice the price as how my mom was able to get it. It's just luscious! This is when the Internet lets me down because I can't let you reach out and touch it!


Holly from Bristol said...

It is BEAUTIFUL!!! I do wish that I could touch it! The colors are amazing!

Holly in CT said...

I made two vests trimmed with the yarn. It is wonderful trim for bulky vewsts and sweaters. The price was about 50% of what I paid.

Anonymous said...

You are so right. It's great to find your favorite yarn for cheap, anyway that you can. But you can't touch it, the colors are sometimes way off on my monitor and for me buying my yarn at my local yarn store has it's pluses, I can get free knitting help anytime vs having to pay for a lesson, which sometimes is more than the savings on the yarn.