Thursday, September 28, 2006

The force (so far) is with me

I'm still in process on said International Sock of Doom. It's actually going pretty well now that I have calmed down enough to realize that I need to get a grip on reality.

I am finishing the foot on the second sock so in all likelihood, I will get the sucker mailed out tomorrow. I'm probably going to pay big bucks for express Saturday delivery, but so be it. I've got to kill at least one person in this competition. The damn things are turning out fraternal, but I blame Regia. I started in what I thought was the exact same place on both balls, but they screwed me. I worry that it is insult to injury to be killed by fraternal socks, but what the hell? They can't all be pretty, they're DK weight for goodness sake! I'll try to post a photo tomorrow before I mail them!

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Holly in CT said...

I strongly advise you to use the Express Next Day delivery service of the USPO (cost $14+) if you are going that route. I just exchanged e-mails with my target and she STILL didn't get the Priority Mail I send her Monday or Tuesday (with all this frenetic sock knitting I am losing track of time as well as my mind).