Monday, September 11, 2006

More on Knitty

One small confession before I get into the knitting. Football season is here. I am warning you now that there will probably be some football ranting going on some Monday mornings. I have issues. We know this. It's not new. Just so you know, my team is the Washington Redskins. I grew up outside of DC, so there really was no hope for me. Anyone maligning the team will be banned from commenting on the blog, even when they stink and I am complaining about them. It's kind of like, you can complain about your family, but you don't want anyone else to complain about them. I will refer you back to this post if you comment negatively about them, don't say you haven't been warned. And, Go Skins!

Okay, this is a great issue of Knitty. Maybe I think it's so great because the last few left me a little flat, but regardless, I am thrilled by how many sock patterns there are. How amazing is this pattern:

I'm not completely in love with the colors they chose, but so what? The pattern is AWESOME. And, the washcloths are simply adorable. My cousin just went off to college and now I know I am going to have to make her some. Just furthering my washcloth addiction.

I've gotten zero done on DH's sweater since he has been out of town. Boo, me. But, the good news is, I have started the Opal Pony Tail Beanie in Flamingo for Sugar Bear. This is the beanie in another color:



aija said...

I am so digging those socks, but I'm still afraid of stranded knitting... I love the mini cables ones, too.

Star said...

Hey! Thanks so much for "plugging" the washcloths. I'm going to knit those socks too. I'm curious how different colors will alter the look.

Emy said...


We shall have to agree to disagree on this one - my mom's family is from Texas, so GO COWBOYS! ;) And you've got to cut me a break, because my Nana loved the Cowboys so I continue to do so to honor her memory.

(FTR, we don't even watch the Cowboys-Redskins in this house, because Ray and I root for different teams.)