Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Another Drive By

Just a quickie post tonight because I have to head out to Back to School Night. Mindy, thanks for asking, first day of school was awesome! More importantly the dress held up and she managed not to even snag it. But, one complaint on that silly Berocco Cotton Twist, it's a snag waiting to happen, and sewing in the ends, it's so slippery that it seems like ribbon when you are weaving in. In other words, it doesn't sit where it's told very well. But, it looks great, the shine is especially nice. Can't believe I am knitting another one.

Sugar Bear's first day was great but my God she was so tired last night that the attitude was a little much. Just love that first week of school adjustment phase. Mimi went for a whole hour today! Just enough time for me to coffee and grocery shop. I'm starting a nifty hat for Sugar Bear tonight, made out of Opal. It's called the Opal Ponytail Beanie and truth be told, I think I'll be knitting myself one. Talk about great for the winter. I can keep my head warm (and Sugar Bear's) and look good at the same time! I'm using Opal Flamingo. Have to get my mom to hit the Frankfurt yarn store on her next trip to see the new Rainforest colors! Very exciting!

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Mindy said...

Glad to hear the first day went smoothly. I hate the first weeks adjustment to school. We go through it twice, once for school and then again when swim team starts.