Thursday, September 21, 2006

If you love Addi's

Well, friends the bad news is that, apparently, Addi has had some delivery issues getting their needles to Astrid and so she has decided to stop carrying them. But the good news is, she is having a huge sale on them! Here are the details:

These are the prices:

size US 000 - 8 US$ 5.00
size US 9 - 11 US$ 6.00
size US 13 - 35 US$ 9.00

Crochet hooks:
size 2mm - 5mm US$ 2.00
size 6mm - 9mm US$ 3.50
size 10mm - 12mm US$ 5.00
size 15mm and 20mm US$ 7.50

size US 000 - 8 US$ 5.00
Bigger sizes US$ 7.50

Prices are excluding shipping costs!

Minimum purchase will be US$ 35.00 excl. shipping costs and it will only be for the sizes still in stock.
You can find these sizes on our website.
Returns cannot be accepted.

Please allow a delivery time of approx. 3 weeks on these needles, as we will be very busy with this sale!

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