Friday, December 01, 2006

What ever happened to . . .?

I'm starting to feel like one of those episodes of "Where are they now?"

But, I am planning on getting back into my blog, mostly to stop all of you from emailing me with "are you dead?"

What a crazy month (yikes!) it has been. I think that once the Democrats took back the Senate and the House, I just shut down from shock. Joy, mind you, but shock none-the-less.

I think the best place to start for this "back to school" post is with the Holiday sales and knitting news. There are some great deals and info out there, so let me run them down as I have gotten them via email:

The new episode of MagKnits is up and running, you can find it here. I can't comment on whether or not it's great because I haven't yet had a chance to look at it (Linda and I made soap all day today, and I can't wait to take pictures to show you the results, but that's why I haven't had time!)

From the What the Fug file, I just want to share this unusual Berroco gem:
I'm not sure exactly how this warms your feet, other than once you put them on your feet are stuck in the same position for so long, they begin to develop their own brain to regulate their temperature.

As usual, Webs is having some closeout deals, this time on Tahki and Filatura di Crosa.

And, of course, Astrid has some deals going. All yarn kits have a 10% discount included in the price until December 5th. She has some other deals too, but basically, same great prices and service as always.

I have much more on all fronts, but I am running out of steam. I'm planning on knitting washcloths to go with the soap for the teachers of the kids and I am only on number one. Uh, yeah, 19 days until they get out of school....

EDIT: Kaleidoscope yarns is offering two Cherry Tree Hill Yarns at 15% off and they have the new Pink Denise needles that are a little pricier, but the extra dough goes to Breast Cancer Research.


Holly in CT said...

Still knitting socks like a fiend. Mag Knits has a cute pattern for Hourglass Eyelet Socks I'm going to have to try. Any you should check out the MagKnits Easy Going Potholders, they would make nice face cloths for the teachers (minus the fabric that makes them potholders. Cute Honeycomb cables and a basketweave version. Having finally figured out how to do the Twisted German Cast on I am madly making Dragon Scale socks for 2 nephew holiday presents. One has a size 12 foot! Wish me luck and suffucuent yarn to finish!

handknitbyafailedfeminist said...

You should see the posts about the footwarmer on sockknitters. Its mostly about how you get to the doorbell in time.