Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Shoulders above the rest

The shoulders are seamed! I matched up the ribbing and everything front to back. Though, now I am looking at the instructions for the sleeves and (gasp!) there's math involved. Someone definitely should have warned me about the math. I would have been happy to knit him a vest.

I've got the second sleeve on the needles with a lot to go, but the girls have a playdate in the morning and I plan on taking advantage of the time to knit while I chat. Must finish sweater before company begins to arrive!

Any hints on sewing the sleeves would be greatly appreciated.

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Robin's Donna said...

Sleeve sewing -- do NOT sew side seams of sweater or the underarm seam of the sleeves before you sew the tops of the sleeves. Sew together the shoulder seams. When you pin the sleeve in, match the edges and the center of the sleeve with the shoulder seam. Then pin in the spaces inbetween. After you seam the tops of the sleeves, pin and sew from the cuff to the bottom of the body -- it will be one honking long seam in a man's sweater but the sleeve tops are so much easier when you can lay the sweater flat.