Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Mimi and Sugar Bear with Santa.

So, the sweater. Well, good news and bad news. Really good news was that I finished all of the knitting on Christmas Eve Day. Thanks to my family for doing their own dishes after I made lunch, I began sewing on the first sleeve. Bad news is, I was unable to complete the entire piecing together of the sweater. Good news, however, is, I did put it over his head and low and behold the damn thing fits! Not sure why I consider this to be so remarkable, but for a first sweater, I think it must be. And it's really quite lovely. Me promises a picture just as soon as the sucker is sewn together completely AND the DH is in it.

Hope that whatever holiday you celebrated over the last few weeks and the next couple is/was fabulous! We had 11 here over the weekend (total of about 20 Christmas Eve) and it was a wonderful time. If I can keep my eyes open later tonight, I'll be sewing away.


Larjmarj said...

Great picture, really sweet. Can't wait to see the sweater on DH! I have yet to tackle sweaters, I have a fear of seaming.

Holly in CT said...

The photo of the girls is great and I am looking forward to the photo of the completed sweater soon. I knew you could do it and hurray for the family that cleans up after themselves so you had more knitting time! Happy Holidays to all!