Sunday, December 17, 2006

Holiday knitting

Due to the fact that I am a fool sometimes, I forgot to take a picture of Sugar Bear's teacher gifts before I gave them. I basically knit up a washcloth each, with the homemade soap that I made with Linda and then added a little gift card. Mimi's teacher's are getting the soap and the washcloths, so at least I can show you those because I haven't given them yet. They are getting awesome gift cards that were a result of the entire class donating money towards one giant gift card. Hope they like it!

I have finished the front of Allen's sweater. (Eleni, do you know that Christmas is barely over a week away? Yes, I am aware of that. And you know that you are having 11 people at your house for Christmas so you are going to be pretty busy doing other stuff this week? Yes, I am clear on that also. So, you still think you might have a shot at finishing it in time for Christmas? Of course, I am going to finish it. Riiiiiiight). I'm doing the sleeves now and hoping for the best, I think that my balls are just big enough to wrap it almost finished. I've never had to do that before, but now seems like an appropriate time to start.

BTW Hope you enjoy Mr. Nipples, finally!


Holly in CT said...

Call me crazy, or call me a knitidiot but I bet you could finish that sweater! I am almost done with the last obligatory pair of dragon scale socks (I had to do a contrasting toe on one of 2 pair because I ran out of yarn, ask me how big a size 12 man's foot is, nevermind you really do not want to know). Lo and behold I get a shipment of Socks that Rock sock club and there is an extra skein and I am thinking if I give up sleeping I might have another pair of socks done by the holiday.

Emy said...

For Holly in CT - a friend of mine here has a fiance with size 15 feet. Now THOSE are socks.

Even more amusing are when she makes him felted slippers. I think you could put a German Shepherd in the befores. ;)