Monday, December 11, 2006

Come on, you know they want us to think it's nipples

I'm sorry, but I just can't get off this subject yet. At least now that two of you have posted, I can reasonably say, on this commercial, I have not lost my mind. I'm bummed, because I haven't seen the commercial since my initial post. And it's not yet made its way to You Tube, so I can't post the video. They do however have a whole bunch of crazy Mr. Nibbles comments on the Staples website. I just keep wondering how this made it past the censors? Cause there is NO WAY it sounds like nibbles. I only came to the conclusion it had to be nibbles because as funny as it is to hear nipples, those damn censors just don't think nipples and Christmas should be in the same commercial. I'm sure Jesus had nipples, but again, you can't say that publicly.

Can you tell I'm having just a little too much Christmas? Here's the thing . . .I've already been at this since the week before Thanksgiving. This is completely abnormal for me because I am the queen of the last minute when it comes to Christmas. However, this year, with Mimi in school, I have just a smidgen more time. Not a ton, but a smidgen that has enabled me to turn into my hidden desire . . . Betty Lou Who.

I wrapped a ton of presents the week before thanksgiving so I could give them to the people I was going to see at Thanksgiving. And I also did a bunch of those gift jars where you put the ingredients in the jars for some fabulous dessert and they just add the trans fat and have a holly jolly Christmas. Not to mention the Christmas crafting. I think my husband must be slipping me eggnog and I am just not aware of it. Because, seriously, I made popcorn garland for the tree. Maybe it's crack he's passing me.

We got the biggest Christmas tree we have ever had. I know this because I typically have more ornaments than I need and it's not so this year. I managed to get almost every single ever-lovin ornament on that thing. I ran out of lights at the bottom, and the popcorn garland, while not originally a necessity, became one, because I ran out of red beaded garland.

And the wrapping, my God, the wrapping. The wrapping could conceivably turn me into the grinch once and for all. I'm wrapping presents for my kids not just from us, but from my grandparents, my parents (my mom did a couple), and my aunt and uncle (who did volunteer to wrap, but they are coming up on Christmas eve and I just don't think it's a nice treat to make them wrap for my kids on top of a five to six hour drive from Virginia, call me crazy, but it's just not nice). The wrapping is endless. I have hope that I will finally get rid of all the wrapping paper I bought on the cheap that totally sucks. Because if there is an insult to injury on the wrapping front, it's having to wrap with cheap paper that rips as you cut it.

This past week alone, I baked approximately 15 dozen cookies. Plus another 4 dozen-ish tiropites (think spanikopita without the spinach).

My kids are in the Nutcracker this week. And God Bless their dance teacher, it's only an hour long because, well, I have to finish wrapping.


Anonymous said...

I finally saw the "nipples" commercial. Seriously, I almost choked. They absolutely want us to hear "nipples." What a hoot.

Mindy said...

I haven't seen that commercial yet, I will have to watch for it.

I haven't even started wrapping my gifts yet and I am sick of it, I can't imagine having to wrap that many people's presents!

lynn said...

Come on - you MUST download the Mr. Nipples wallpaper that is available on the Staples website. OK, it's a new Christmas tradition - no longer is Triumph the Insult Comic Dog my Christmas hero. It's now Mr. Nipples.

Robin's Donna said...

Oh, my! Christmas has taken over your life --it is soooo much easier now that the children are adults and I don't have to mail out-of-town packages. But it isn't quite as fun not having any ankle biters who get totally mesmerised by the Christmas tree, etc.

Larjmarj said...

YOU are really busy! I also HATE wrapping thank FSM for gift bags! I hate to put all that time and work in to wrapping gifts only to see the effort torn up in nano seconds.