Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Oh, the misguided military

Don't let my title fool you, I am a big supporter of the military or I should say of the troops. Anyone who is willing to put themselves in harm's way to protect the rights of total strangers is a hero in my book.

But, the bureaucracy of the military is my rant of the day. A piece on the news last night depicted an Army widow who was looking to honor her husband with a memorial plaque. The military was denying her this RIGHT because she wanted to place the symbol of their faith, which happens to be Wiccan, on the plaque. Now why they have a problem with this is BEYOND me because there are many faiths depicted on these plaques including Islam, Christianity, Jewish, and atheist. I mean, really, atheist but not Wiccan? Seriously?

And what an affront to her as a widow? She signed up as a military wife to have her husband shipped off to a war where he was killed defending the rights of Iraqi, not American citizens and their own country is saying, sorry but that's just not an acceptable faith for his MEMORIAL plaque? Is it me?

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