Thursday, March 23, 2006

Knitting Nite

Glad to finally be back in the fold at Sit N Knit for a Thursday night knit-a-thon. It's bad when you walk in and they all say, "Norm!"

For all my ladies from knitting nite:

It is your job to remind me that I DO NOT need any more sock yarn. That I have enough sock yarn to knit socks for at least half of the free world and that it is unnecessary for me to buy any more sock yarn, especially now that I am in a sock yarn of the month club :) Well, I'm on the waiting list at least. Thanks to my knitting friend/guru Linda, I got onto Blue Moon Fiber Arts and got myself attached to the waiting list for the Rockin Sock club. And then when I jealously witnessed what is in the first package, I began frantically emailing them promising them at least a child in order to get into the club. No, no, really I only emailed them a FEW times begging and pleading to be put in.

The swag is amazing. You too can view the faboo swag at Scout's Knitted Swag and believe me if you like to knit socks, chances are you'll be innundating Blue Moon Fiber Arts with mail of your own.

Just DON'T tell them we sent you.


jaqic said...

You have way too much sock yarn, NO MORE!! I have way too much too but I think I will look at the website and take a little peek :)

Holly in CT said...

So sorry but no way anyone can have too much yarn of any kind. In fact despite the fact that I have never knit socks (but use sock yarn for other things) I am also e-mailing Blue Moon to be on the wait list. You enabler you!

Eleni said...

I think I've gone from "enabler" to extraoridnary pusher. My non-knitting friends (i.e. the ones I have left) are about ready to shove my own needles into me if I mention knitting just one more time :)

jaqic said...

You should see my craft room, I have way too much yarn and not enough time to knit. The sad thing is I keep buying more.