Thursday, March 30, 2006

I know, I know

Yes, I am aware that the name of my blog is holyknitbatman, but for the love of God people have you seen the news?

There's a husband ON STRIKE against his wife in Michigan. Why you ask? She won't kick the kids out of their bed. Now, it really doesn't matter which side of this you come down on because frankly who cares about what other people do or don't do in their own beds?

But, can you imagine, this guy is sitting on his roof with a picket sign. And the best part is the quote, ""I’m speaking on behalf of all of the husbands in this nation that suffer in silence. I plan to be a voice for those husbands that men, we all want that time alone with [our] wives, thatÂ’s extremely important,” Wilson said. This guy has a freaking web site so we, the humble public, can sign it to get his wife to give in.

Wow, that weed in Michigan must be some really good sh$$. Because apparently he's been smoking a whole bunch of it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, get the kids out of the bed. If he really thinks that's why he's not getting laid, he's even dumber than he looks. And people, at this point, he's auditioning for the sequel to Dumb & Dumber.

And a petition? Yeah, I can picture Allen on the roof now. "Oh, honey, I have a petition here that all these men have signed in agreement with me." And my response "Talk to me when I give a damn about any of those men."

As this man's wife said, "He'll live." And if he ever expects to get the children out of his bed, he better get his ass off of the roof and into the house where he can help his wife more, because that's probably the reason those kids are in his bed to begin with. For t'real (that's all you Erika).

I promise, a knitting blog tomorrow, I may even post the yoga bag in progress.


Anonymous said...

Have you signed the petition at

Eleni said...

Thanks whoever you are, for letting us know about the Anti-Husband petition. And yes, I just went and signed it, cause he needs to get a grip.