Friday, March 24, 2006

I did it!!!!

Months ago, I ordered dyeable yarn from Knit Picks and FINALLY today, I got around to dyeing it with Callista (while Sabrina slept, naturally). I did the old Kool Aid-microwave method (you can find instructions EVERYWHERE). And I must say, for a first skein, it came out pretty well. Definitely will be posting a picture once it is dry so check back.

Learned a bunch for next time though:

1) Depending on whose instructions you follow, there is a part vinegar, part water mix. I tried it both ways and didn't see much of a difference. (Both ways because I died one half of the skein cherry and the other Grape).

2) I would definitely use more than 1 pack of each color next time for more vibrant colors. These came out more lilac and rose than red and purple.

3) Next time, I may try the stove with a solid color OR I might try painting it on with multiple colors.

4) Though I can't imagine knitting anything YELLOW, I have a sick desire to dye something in a LEMON just to see it. Guess that will be a swatch or something.....maybe a dishcloth?

**THE PHOTO; This was taken with a flash, tried it both ways, but the color seems mostly accurate with the flash. Anyway, it's Knit Picks Merino Wool that I dyed for those of you wondering. I've spent the morning trying to pry it out of Callista's (the five-year-old) hands. She's determined it end up a blanket for her bear. NOT! It will be socks for her and her sister.....when I get to them that is.


Robin's Donna said...

I always thought the vinegar helped set the dye. Let me know if the with-vinegar yarn holds color better when you wash it. I haven't tried dyeing yet.

Eleni said...

I washed it slightly after I dyed it before the final rinse. I didn't see much dye in the water, so that's a good sign. But, because it was my first skein and I used some vinegar, I think I need to do a skein without vinegar to really be able to compare the usefulness of the vinegar. Now, if I could only find the end of the skein so that I could start winding this thing of beauty!