Monday, March 20, 2006

Back on the Ranch posting again

This gorgeous woman is my dear friend Robin Brunstrum who just married her beau Charlie Benatti. I highlight this incredible picture of her because of the STUNNING shawl that their friend Donna Schmidt knit for her. It's a Knitty pattern that totally rocks. They show it in several different colors and variations and just so you know where to look, it's in the archive section under Tie One On. Amazing!

So, it's been a busy two weeks. We went to Disney with the kids. I got absolutely no knitting done, and I need to get out of my knitting rut because my LYS Sit N Knit (see Links) just moved across the street to a larger space which rocks! And Callista has been back on a knitting kick that I want to support.

I've added some Amazon buttons, so if you are ordering, for the love of God man, do it through my site! Help a sistuh out!

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benatti06 said...

Hi. I can speak directly to this wrap since I am the bride for whom it was made. Donna (the creater) and I had discussed me needing a wrap with my dress because I was getting married in March and the weather can be pretty unpredictable in Washington, DC. She offered to knit one for me. So we started by looking at different designs. To be honest, I didn't LOVE any of the ones she sent me. Then, Donna came with me to my first fitting to see the dress and its color--hoping to get an idea of what kind of yarn would work best. Fast forward to my second fitting, Donna came and brought a few yarn samples. None of them were the right color. My dress was labeled "Ivory" and ivory yarn was what Donna brought. But in actuality, it was more antique white. After that visit, we didn't discuss the wrap again...that is until my wedding shower. I was opening gifts and I came to Donna's. I really had no idea what she got me because this was my second shower and Donna came to the other one and already gave me a gift. All I can say is when I unwrapped her present, I was blown away--so much so--I burst into tears. I had forgotten about the wrap! I was stunned--I couldn't compose myself. I lifted it up--staring in amazement at how perfect it was--delicate and sweet, simple and elegant, just like my dress. I was in awe. The weather the day of my wedding was cold just as we suspected and I wore the wrap a lot. I cherished Donna's gift that day and will forever.