Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No, I haven't finished the yoga bag

I have no idea what is preventing me. I mean, other than sick kids, good books, exhaustion, and a desire to throw the damn thing out the window.

The bag sits happily unfinished on my needles as I picked up a new and potentially more irritating project today.

I thought it would be great to knit something for my compadres when we all turned thirty last year. I have finished none of the things that I had planned on knitting for them. Something I was knitting for one of them was this hideous Rowan metallic yarn paired with some offspring of fun fur. I had intended to knit her a scarf out of this primarily because she, as a non-knitter, bought me the said crap as a birthday or Christmas present the previous year, and I figured she would want it back as a finished piece. I'm halfway through and I can't bear to pick it back up without getting physically sick. My knitting snob friends have been decidedly nice in not making fun of me for trying in the first place.

So that sits on a stitch holder, probably forever, forcing me to choose something else for that her that will be infinitely better. Her birthday was in December.

Then there was the September baby (now 30) I was knitting for and since I had never knit lace, couldn't quite grasp the concept of the item I picked. I restarted it today, and though I have had to rip it out four times (Because I just learned I should be using a lifeline somewhere in there because it is lace, and probably some stitch markers as well), I am back at it and hope to finish it in time for her 31st birthday. Which, I suppose gives me until December for the other potential project :)

I apologize for speaking in code but as these are my friends and these gifts are supposed to be surprises, I can't exactly tell you the WHAT of what I am knitting. There will be pictures in the end I am sure!

Let's not even mention the Christmas knitting.........

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