Sunday, February 04, 2007


In an unexpected turn, The Wool Connection in Avon, CT is closing its doors. I'm not sure how many years they have been in business, I am guessing at least 15, but as Linda said this morning, it's pretty shocking that with all of us knit hounds on the rise that they are going out of business. I'm sure there will be more news to follow, as the question now is, will they keep their catalog business going and why are they getting out of the retail store? Too much local competition? Loss of the appetite for running a business? As the knitting world turns my friends . . .

I owe you several updates. The Disney trip update is still coming. There are no words to tell you how amazing it was, but you know me, I will try to write it all up.

Also, a major knitting update. I have photos of what's on the needles, what just came off the needles and hopefully soon, that final finished photo of DH in his sewn up sweater!

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