Friday, February 16, 2007

Oh what a week

First, Tim Hardaway. Why is it that when someone is so obviously an a$$ hole we give him an opportunity to apologize on television. For those of you not in the loop, he's the former NBA player who felt the need to go on and on about how much he hates gay people. Can't you do that in private so that we don't get sucked into yet another celebrity drama of I hate this group of people and now I am on my way to inpatient rehab?

Second, at what point do we stop talking about Anna Nicole Smith and actually talk about things like, oh, I don't know, the dead soldiers still coming back from Iraq? The resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan? Global Warming? Really anything but a dead pseudo-starlet?

And third, for those of you with HBO, please, please, please, take the time to scare the hell out of yourself by watching Alexandra Pelosi's latest documentary on Evangelical Christians. The funniest thing was the interview with the minister Haggarty, you know the one who about six months ago had to admit to being a practicing homosexual and a drug user? Yeah, his was easily the funniest part of what otherwise was a frightening documentary. One of my favorite parts was the coverage of the March for Life rally in DC. All the teenagers lining up to carry signs of fetuses and calling pro-choice people abortionists.

I have personal experience, sort of, with this fabulous event. I am not Catholic but attended Catholic high school outside of DC. As a freshman in 1990, the entire school was told they could attend and support the rally OR stay at school in an all-day study hall. Well, since I have been pro-choice from in-utero, I chose not to go to said rally and had to stay in school all day. I can still see the many faces of the other students who came right out and called me a baby killer without even asking what my position was. Anywho, the funniest part of the day in my mind, was the fact that once those students got off the metro, no one was chaperoning them to make sure they actually went to the march and so most of them went to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch and skipped the rest of the day. I think by the time I was a senior the event was optional.

Oh, and one more tidbit on that front, one of my all-time favorite announcements by our incredibly senile principal. He was discussing the idea (over the p.a. system, mind you) that if a woman got raped she should or should not have the right to an abortion. Well, of course, Catholic school, no abortion, ever, ever, ever. And as he put it, "Besides, most women don't get raped." I believe that he meant something along the lines of most women who get raped don't get pregnant, but ... umm... hello? The saddest part is the girls and boys who believed him.


J. Denae said...

Don't you wish life was like The Gong Show? Someone gets irritating or, you know, too stupid to breathe, and we could just "gong" them off??

handknitbyafailedfeminist said...

What do you wanna bet that he ends up going to rehab?

april said...

The Anna Nicole story is way over the top. A friend told me she heard a report on the news describing her death as the loss of our "Princess" and compared her to the loss of Princess Diana!!
Are you kidding me?
Where to begin...I can't bring myself to compare the two. What a media nightmare.
As they say,"WTF"... ?

Emy said...

Sometimes, I feel like I'm living in a game of The Sims, and someone is controlling the game and f**king with my mind. This is one of those times, without a doubt.

Larjmarj said...

It IS like the Sims with some evil schizophrenic monkey controlling the game!! Great metaphor. One of my least fav type of person is the religious hypocrite. Nothing gets my dander up more than someone who thinks that their belief system gives them the right to look down on anyone who doesn't share the same ideals (no matter how twisted), that they do.
Pro-lifers also tend to be hypocritical, they are obsessed with saving the fetus but once that kid is out of the womb, forget any type of social service to help them grown up in to healthy responsible, educated adults.

Holly of HollYarns said...

Yay! You're back in so many ways! Excellent post with many insightful observations.