Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oh me oh my

Where is you knit what when you need them?

I'm not sure who or what I feel more sorry for. I feel sorry for the yarn for being turned into a "let's-wear-our-intestines-on-the-outside-today" top.

I feel sorry for the necklace, just for having to hang next to said top.

And finally, I feel sorry for the effort the model had to go through to look so pouty in the top. Perhaps, she is pouting because of the top?

And seriously, are those her boobies hanging out on the side there? I mean, a little to the left or right and it's a full-on aureola shot.

I just keep hearing, "Holy Christ!" over and over in my head.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

OMG, I'm scared to look at it too long - thinking the nipple might just pop out at any second! I wanted to reply to your comment from the other day, but blogger didn't give me your email address. ANYWAY, I grew up in central VA (near Farmville), then moved to Chesapeake, then to Falls Church. I really liked Falls Church, but hubby got transferred, & here I am!