Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Crafty Beotch

I've already mentioned the Disney obsession. We're under a week now until our trip so I have to gush a little. That, and since I have had no pictures in the last few posts, I thought I would give ya a little something to look at. We're a little Character-crazy in my family in addition to being Disney nuts. Yes, we are those people who wait in line to have a giant stuffed animal sign a piece of paper with their "name" on it. I once talked to a former cast member who said that the most bitter people in all of Disneyworld are the people who have to wear the big Character costumes. Go figure. Who wouldn't want a bunch of little rug rats coming at them with hugs and pens wielded as weapons that are at just about the right height of . . . well, you get the picture.

But, I digress . . .

One of the things we've started the last couple of Disney trips is to create autograph books of our own (they end up being more expensive but they are much more cute and the characters make a big deal out of them). This time, since the girls don't know about the trip, I'm working on the basics of the books and then they will get to work on them on the three-hour-kill-me-now flight to Orlando. This is the front of Sugar Bear's book:

And the back cover with the rockin' vintage stickers I got at Disney last year:

I have to Mod Podge the back and the front so that stuff doesn't go flying off. I also put her name on the inside with the date and an adorable Ariel sticker (her absolute favorite). And then I am wrapping it up as a birthday gift. I'm working on Mimi's also, but that one really needs some decoupage help before I can show some pictures of it.

And a final note that has nothing to do with Disney . . . as a woman who has struggled with the loose and hanging arm skin where there should be some triceps (ahem!), would someone please tell Miss Diana Ross that even though she is a Diva, it's time to give up the sleeveless shirts or at least it's time to stop clapping your hand at chest height in a crowd, because sister friend, you are going to take someone out with that flying flesh. She is fabulous, but pahleeze, it's a mess.


handknitbyafailedfeminist said...

Are you sure that the steriods aren't still pumping through your system?

Emy said...

Thank you so much for calling Mod Podge by its correct name. You get about a thousand cool points from me for doing that.* *mwah*

* But I WILL revoke them if you pronounce it "modge podge."