Wednesday, October 04, 2006

WEBS sales

You guys are familiar with WEBS I am sure. They are having closeout prices on Rowan in case you are interested. They also have a huge supply of sock yarn, so I am sure that will be great interest to you sock-a-holics out there.

Still waiting to be killed in the Sock wars! Can't wait! Cause I doubt I will be able to knit into the second round.

Also, Astrid's latest deal is on Opal and it's crazy. $7.50 per ball of Opal, but only until Friday. They are still having that sale on Addi's also. I love those needles. I think they are the best for socks because they fly off the needles. I know some find them slick, but for me, they work great.

Oh, and the October MagKnits is up and there are some interesting finds. That pumpkin basket is pretty sweet.

Also, the Simply Socks Yarn Company (sponsor(?) of Socktoberfest is offering several collections of Opal at 20% off. They include Petticoat, Rainforest (not sure if new colorway is included), Opal Silk (awesome) and Summer Night Bouquet.

Happy Knitting ya'll!


Holly in CT said...

Sock Wars Update: I am still alive have one confirmed elimination to my credit. I anticipate a second elimination Friady but have an assassin hot on my tail. She hit her target last Sunday but has not heard from her and may not wait for her partially finished socks to terminate me. I have to wait for my second elimination confirmation to move forward. I am actually looking forward to being killed so I can move on to some serious fall sweater knitting.

Eleni said...

Awesome Holly. I only have the one kill as I mentioned and still no socks today.

Larjmarj said...

A sale? GAaaahhhh!