Saturday, October 21, 2006

2nd Assassination in progress

I got socks today from my kill's kill. They went from the UK to Philadelphia to me. Well, I should say, sock. She knitted the first sock of doom for her target and now I have to knit the second and get it off to her target in Canada. I thought she was only a size 9 but, man do these socks look huge! And I wear a size 9! No time to chat, must get knitting!


Holly in CT said...

Ninja Knitter will live vicariously through your Sock War battle. You go girl!!!!

aija said...

Good luck, kill kill kill! :)

(Never thought I'd say that on a knitting blog!) :)

Eleni said...

I finished the cuff and leg last night and I got to heel flap and turn this morning. Picking up stitches finished, now I just need to get back to it. My goal is to finish today so that I can mail tomorrow. I wonder how expensive they will be to send to Canada?