Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Why I love you guys

Because friends don't let friends knit fug.

I am officially booting the idea of the pants. Some of my reasons are yours, namely the sag factor. While I appreciate a great pair of lounging pants, I can't imagine spending that much time knitting a pair, nor the amount of money that the Koigu cost at the time that I purchased it. Of course, I would have no problem making socks out of all of it :)

I should make a shawl or a throw I think. I'm just not sure I am a "shawl person." And I'd like to do something for myself. Though, I am usually much more motivated to knit for other people. I was looking the Charlotte's Web Shawl. Very beautiful, but enormous project. And the Clapotis looks incredibly challenging but I'm sure I could get through it if I really wanted to. The problem is the volume of Koigu. We're talking many and varied projects here unless I do something big like the shawl. I did a Koigu headscarf last year that came out really lovely. But, talk about sag, I should never have even brought the pants up now that I think about the drape of that scarf.

And just so we can all drool together, here is the stash of Koigu. Isn't it lovely? The top photo is with flash and the bottom without, just to try to get to true color representation, I thought I would share both.


J. Denae said...

Hi, Eleni? If you're having Koigu stash issues you could just send some of it my way... I'm willing to help out is all, and I would hate for you to have storage problems. It would be a burden, but I'm willing to shoulder it for a friend.

Mindy said...

That is one gorgeous pile o' yarn. I used Koigu for my clapotis and it turned out gorgeous. (it was also one of my first big projects).

Holly in CT said...

The Charlotte's Web Shawl graphs are REALLY small and hard to read. I tried to blow mine up several times and the zoom process blurred the numbers beyond recognition. If you are inclined try the merging colors shawl (I know you have the pattern) from Candace Eisner Strick. The Clapotis is not hard at all and would be lovely in the Koigu.

Bridget said...

Glad you nixed the idea of the pants; didn't put in my $0.199824732 before, but really didn't think you'd have been happy with the result.

What about a poncho, instead of a shawl? I don't have any patterns to suggest, but just thought you might wear a poncho more.

Good luck picking a (or more!) project(s)!

Emy said...

Whatever you do with it, remember that it won't sag as much if you knit it at a tighter gauge. What needles did you use on the headscarf, and what was the finished gauge?

Clapotis is really not hard to knit at all. Seriously.