Friday, March 30, 2007

Knitting Funk

I'm not knitting. I haven't been knitting for over a week. And I'm not even that motivated to start now. I think it's because of one gigantic virus that descended on my when we got back from Florida. I think it was the same one the kids had but mine took a different route via my stomach and then via pink eye. The pink eye has been serious, almost a week now. More of a PIA than anything else.

But, I'm thinking that to get back into the knitting I am going to do something dramatic and go back to a project that I always wanted to start and never got around to. For those of you who know me, they are simply known as, "the pants." They appeared in Vogue Knitting a couple of Spring/Summer's ago and they are made entirely out of mitered squares knitted in Koigu. The fabulous yarn has been just sitting in my stockpile waiting to be loved. And I feel like the squares give you a pretty immediate sense of accomplishment which I am in desperate need of right now. These pants are legend among my knitting friends. If Jodi still reads my blog, I'm sure she's laughing because they sort of became like a pregnant woman near her due date, "anything yet?" "no, nothing."

And, of course, they may still remain that way . . . anybody out there already knit them? I'll have to scan in a pic for those of you who don't know them, but if you have your old issues, they are easy to find, and I think the model was on the beach.


Holly in CT said...

Woo wee I am aching to see those pants in progress!

Emy said...

I know those pants...they were gorgeous, although I can't imagine making them for myself. They would be great lounging around the house pants though, I bet.

Give us a little something...a picture of the Koigu? Pretty please?