Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No big surprise

Saturday night, I walked in on DH watching Fox News. This doesn't bother me that much because I just start smack talking the TV until he changes it. That and I also subscribe to the notion that you keep your friends close and your enemies closer. And God knows, Fox News is the enemy of all that is holy.

So Mike Huckleberry was on there talking about how sad it was that Obama didn't even vet Hilary blah, blah, blah. And I turned to the husband and said, "Oh here it comes. The Republicans are now going to use this as a wedge to spur on the Clinton supporters who are angry she wasn't chosen, vetted, etc." Not that it takes a rocket scientist to figure out just how underhanded they can be, but by Sunday morning the attack ad was out and about using Hilary's image for their own ends.

I believe I have mentioned it in the blog before, but as my grandfather says, "They're just mean. And by that I mean they are not nice people." If that isn't just the best way to put it, I don't know what is.

Listen, I'm working my way to Obama. I'm still having a hard time conceiving of him as something other than a marketing figment. But, like the pundit said on NBC prior to Mrs. Obama's speech last night, women don't exactly have a lot of places to go besides Obama. It's not like my uterus is suddenly going to stand up and say. "You know what, I know we've been in charge of your reproductive system for a while, but hey that McCain sure is a funny-looking little elf, let's let him run the show now for us and for all the other uterii in this country." uh, yeah, not so much.

I also though it interesting that Mrs. Obama chose to focus her speech around the work American. I agree that when she made the comment about being finally proud to be an American it was taken out of context; I also agree that there is still not a white person alive in this country who would sign up to switch to be an African-American tomorrow (seriously, if you think there aren't many thousands of biggots left in this country, you need to take the rose-colored glasses off and fast) and so she is justified in not being proud of our deeply ingrained racist heritage, I think making a speech in which she repeatedly uses the word American is a little risky because it just recalls what a mistake it was to make that comment to "white" America.

And please, everyone, stop saying that Hilary cracked the glass ceiling. See my previous post as until a woman's hiney is sitting in the oval office, I am tired of hearing about incremental success. Liz Dole ran for President too (and wow, she must have handed over her ovaries prior to running), but no one elected her either. And winning primaries and yet not coming up with the nomination is a hollow victory at best.

I look forward to hearing Senator Clinton this evening and I'm sure my big mouth will have something to say about it tomorrow.

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